What about Drupal themes?

Submitted by snorwickSilk on Wed, 12/02/2015 - 12:58

When we decided to build the SiteGround Drupal demo, we weren't sure what to do with the look of the website. If we had left the default Drupal theme on our installation, you would have been able to see where's the starting point if you start from scratch with Drupal. On the other hand, this demo website is all about showing you the infinite opportunities you have with Drupal. So we figured, let's build a responsive theme inhouse and make it look good!

But there was an obstacle - none of our front-end developers was familiar with Drupal and felt particularly confident to build one. Naturally, we considered using any of the freely available themes, which you can find here (https://www.drupal.org/project/project_theme). Then, we realized that the best way to actually prove our clients that Drupal is a logical and not-hard-to-learn CMS is to show by example.

Challenge accepted! We thought it's gonna be a few weeks to get one theme, but in the end, it took our web designer only 3 days to come up with a responsive Drupal theme, starting from scratch! You are welcome to use that theme for your production website.